About University Lofts

Highrise living in St. Louis

Originally built in 1907, University Lofts is an eight-story building that was rehabbed in 1999-2000. The property is located on the western edge of the downtown St. Louis business district, an area ripe with opportunity and rebirth. The building and the parking lot were donated to Rise by Washington University in St. Louis.

The project includes gallery space (Des Les Gallery in honor of W.U. alumnus E. Desmond Lee) on the first floor and 26 spacious apartments on floors two-eight. The apartments were designed as living and working space for artists and have been marketed to many Washington University School of Art alum.

Their art is often on display in the hallways and common spaces of the building.

Quick Facts about University Lofts

  • Built in 1907
  • Rehabbed in 1999 – 2000
  • 26 Residential Apartments
  • Market Rate Apartments
  • 2 Commercial Spaces
  • 8   Floors
  • 1   Elevator
  • 26 surface parking lot (gated)

About Rise

This development was created by Rise, a non-profit organization who helps turn neighborhood visions into realities of vibrant living areas in St. Louis. At Rise, our mission is to partner with communities to build stronger, more equitable St. Louis area neighborhoods. Rise has developed more than 4,000 homes and 60,000 square feet of commercial space by partnering with local community development organizations and others to develop affordable and market-rate housing which energizes the local economy, reduces crime, improves the community’s quality of life, and creates an atmosphere that supports the emotional and intellectual development of its children.

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